4 Reasons To Reconsider The “Bandaid” Approach to Pain Management

We live in a society where we lack patience and want everything to be quick and instant. The concept of time has been lost and its importance is crucial. Especially when it comes to health, time is one of the best components on your side. It takes time for your body to break down, just as it requires time for your body to be able to rebuild and recover. However, we want our recovery to be instant, which is never the case. Here are the 4 reasons why taking a bandaid approach to managing pain is not as effective.


1.)Symptoms are not a good indicator of health

  • Here’s why: Have you ever known someone who had a heart attack? How did they feel the day before? They felt fine, then all of a sudden… The lack of pain may not mean that your body is as healthy as it should be. Focusing only on symptoms won’t give you the whole picture needed.

2.)You’re not fixing the cause of the issue

  • Taking a bandaid approach to your health and only focusing on symptoms is not finding the cause and seeking to fix the problem. Think of someone putting tape over the check engine light. That would be silly right? Why then only focus on covering up what is actually happening?

3.)You’ll save more money being proactive about your health

  • Versus not getting to the root cause or ignoring the problem, you will spend more money later and need more serious work done to correct the problem, if even possible. This will depend on how far out you dragged the problem out for. Sometimes changes are permanent!

4.)Health is easier to maintain than it is to gain back.

  • Just like you take the time to rotate your tires and change the oil in your vehicle. 
  • Or brush your teeth to keep up with your oral hygiene

Just as we mentioned above using a band-aid for broken arms are ineffective, just as taking a bandaid approach in all aspects of your health is not the best option. We understand that sometimes time and money can affect whether or not you take action. We get that, but there is always someone out there that can meet all of those needs for you effectively if you search for them. Or maybe you think that it might just go away? We this a lot and this is hardly ever the truth. It will come back, and it will eventually come back even worse with full force.

If you’re thinking of being more proactive with your health and are not wanting to take the bandaid approach. We have the option for a no-hassle consultation which is free of charge and we can talk and see what the best option is for you based on your needs and goals. Click here for a complimentary consultation.