Help with Anxiety and Depression?

Has the world ever felt like it was ending no matter what you tried?

Have you with all of your power and desire, tried to feel a different way, but couldn’t get out of it? When you finally did get out of it, did it feel like an eternity? Or are you still stuck there?  I’m sure that you or someone you love has felt like this on more than one occasion, and let me tell you, nobody deserves that feeling.


Mental health issues are not something new to people, but it is something that is more prevalent than we realize. We never know how the people we interact with or see on a daily basis are as happy as they seem to be. Many people walk around with a smile on the outside but are very sad on the inside.


Let me tell you a story about Kevin. Life doesn’t seem to be going how he feels that it should and it seems as if everything has been working against him. Coffee makes him anxious and alcohol makes him angry or depressed. He feels as if he can never find a good happy balance between the two. Now he is having trouble sleeping and feels exhausted all day and ready to crash, but never feels fully energized. But what Kevin does is always saying that he is doing well if someone asks him. Who really wants to know if you are not doing well? Most seem to not care and expect you to respond with a positive answer.


Kevin is tired of faking feeling great and is wanting to do something about it, but does not want to take medications. He has seen personally what that has done to others around him over time. It only seems like a bandage to the problem or patching potholes versus resurfacing the road to him. He is determined that there is something that can be done to help without setting him up for addiction or dependence on medications.


What gets overlooked are the natural routes to be able to address and help mental health.

The nervous system is key in achieving optimal mental health? Why or how you ask? Think of those times when you were super stressed and your body temperature went up and your muscles and joints stiffened too. Or when you seemed real down, fatigued, and energy didn’t seem possible to come by.


Our nervous systems help keep a balance between fight or flight and rest or digest. When we see issues in mental health, there’s an imbalance between the regulation of those key parts of the nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic). When we find a balance between those parts of the nervous system, we find that it works synergistically with what you are already doing to help yourself out.

If you’re looking for answers and know that there is more out there than just taking medications and talking to people to no avail, click here and let’s see if we are a good fit to work together to help you get back into balance. We offer a no-hassle consultation that is painless, and completely free of charge.

What do you have to lose?