My Anxiety is Affecting My Life

Anxiety has been shown to be more apparent today amongst adults and children both.  Over 40 million people (9 million of those being children) in the United States are affected by General Anxiety Disorders. We live in a stressful society and anxiety can be a part of everyday life, but it can be effectively taken care of and this blog is for those who are struggling to keep it under control.


Tradition treatment options for anxiety

The traditionally recommended options and protocols include medications, counseling, self-help, meditation, and exercise.  All which are beneficial options, but we seem to encounter more and more people where this is not enough for them and has not helped them correct their problem. They all have been doing as their doctor has instructed without resolution, and they are looking for long term results. They don’t want to just treat the issue and it keeps coming back. People always ask us, ”Are there other options?”. “Do I have to live with this for the rest of my life?”

There are options and you do not have to live with this for the rest of your life. You don’t have to feel powerless and can absolutely take charge of your life and get it back. What we do at our office will help you get your life back and we will walk you through the process the entire way. We believe there is a missing piece to the puzzle that often gets overlooked and is the reason why your anxiety is still affecting you. After all, this is your anxiety, a generalized approach has not been able to help, let’s get more specific.


Can chiropractic care help with anxiety? 

Chiropractic Care is an excellent and natural option for those who are in search of relief for their anxiety. Most specifically through the evaluation of the nervous system and its function, we evaluate with computerized infrared thermography to see if your nervous system not functioning properly is the cause of your problem.

Whether a child or an adult with anxiety, we see and help patients just like you all the time. Through our nervous system testing, we can determine if your nervous system is out of balance and we help your body create balance naturally over time by making sure that the top two bones in your neck are moving properly and staying in place.

The most fulfilling part of my job is that we get to find out if you are a good fit to be helped by us. If we find that you are, we will help you get started right away and help guide you through the small steps that we need to take to help you get well. We like to have our patients fill out their issues in pencil, this way after we see you get better over time, we have you erase each and every symptom that goes away.

What I firmly believe is that I was put on this earth to teach and inform people about upper cervical chiropractic care and help people find hope in their health issues. We often hear “How come nobody else does this?”, or “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” The real question is “Why don’t we find out if upper cervical chiropractic is the answer for you?”. If it is not the answer to address your needs, we will help you find the answers and solutions that you are looking for.

If you are fed up with anxiety and want a solution, then call us at (317) 660-8100, or schedule with us online by clicking here. And we will call you to get you accommodated.



-Dr. Matt Bartlett