Natural Pain Management | The Downsides To Living With Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Pain… How do you handle it day in and day out? 

Chronic back pain affects many people in their lives and it is said that 3 out of 4 people will experience at least 1 bout of severe back pain in their lifetime. If it has not yet happened to you, it may, and you probably know a few people that is has happened to. I’m here to let you know that it is not normal to have chronic back pain. We all have the potential to experience it, but it should not be long-lasting or very severe in that nature.

Natural Pain Management 

There are many natural ways to be able to manage and control back pain. Exercise, stretching, focusing on proper posture, keeping hydrated, etc are several things that you can do yourself to help out before needing help from a healthcare provider.

For those who struggle with their back or know people that do, there are downsides to this. Living with chronic back pain is not a necessary way of life, you CAN do something about it and there are plenty of people out there that help people just like you and your loved ones.


The downsides to living with chronic back pain

  • Normal daily activities are affected
  • Life put on hold
  • Less time with friends and family
  • Difficulty or inability to enjoy hobbies
  • Lack of sleep
  • Depression


Difficulty getting out of bed, sitting to standing, showering, getting dressed can be extremely. Imagine feeling stuck because your pain is preventing you from accomplishing and achieving goals. Most of your energy being focused on seeking and finding relief. Not being physically capable of working or even being able to spend time playing with your children. Not being able to sleep affects your mind, body, and health in many ways and makes it more difficult to heal and recover. Plenty of people fall into depression as well and have a hard time getting out of that state from their pain being so mentally exhausting.

Some of you reading this may be able to identify with what I have written. You may even be thinking that this was specially written for you. It was. We help people just like you all the time to get their lives back. 

If you’re on the fence and feel like you don’t know what to do next or if you can even be helped, set up a no hassle consultation with me. It is completely painless and free of charge. 15 minutes is all it takes. You won’t be forced to becoming a patient and if I don’t think that I am a good fit to help you, I will help you find someone that is the right fit.

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-Dr. Matt Bartlett