What Does a Chiropractor Do?

So what does a chiropractor do? You may have heard a few things here or there from friends, family members or coworkers. Most seem to know that we work with the back and neck, but there is much more that we do to help the human body. What we do as chiropractors is work directly with the nervous system and the relationship between the nervous system and your health.


You’re probably thinking, “So what? Why do I need a healthy nervous system? I’ve never heard of that.” Well, check this out. The nervous system is what controls every single organ in your body including your eyes, lungs, stomach, muscles, joints, etc. Think of the nervous system like an electrical system.


When the power goes out in your home, where is the first place you go to check out the problem? The circuit breaker. You go and check the switches and see if they have flipped over, and then you correct them if so. You wouldn’t just change out the light bulbs or throw out all of your appliances because they aren’t working right? You want to correct the cause of the issue, rather than wasting time on trying to bandage a symptom.


What we do specifically in our office is focus solely on the top two bones in the neck. They are called C1 (atlas) and C2 (axis). These two bones house what is called the brainstem. The brainstem is like the main switch on your circuit breaker. This is what controls EVERYTHING and it is important that it is checked. And when deemed necessary, a correction to one of the top two bones is made to reset the main switch.


Our goal is to have to adjust you as little as possible, as we work to have our adjustments hold longer and that you see us less and less. You may be wondering, “How do I know if I need to see a chiropractor?” What you can do is get set up for a consultation and we can let you know if it would be in your best interest and a good fit for YOU specifically. We don’t take everybody as a new patient, making it important to be sure what is right for you and your health.


To schedule a no-hassle consultation click here. It is completely painless and free of charge. We will contact you afterward and help get you set up to talk with the doctor.