Why Being Pain Free May Not Mean You’re Healthy

It is common belief that if you have no pain, that you have no health problems. The opposite can be true. How does someone feel the day before they have a heart attack? They feel fine. Pain and symptoms are the body’s alarm system to let us know when something is not right, but it is a poor indicator of overall health. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as: “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Life is all about function, and even more specifically, nervous system function.


The nervous system is what controls and coordinates all functions of life in the body. From doing a bicep curl, to making your lungs breath, telling your pancreas secreting enzymes to help with digestion, to controlling the bladder, and many more functions. EVERYTHING in the human body is controlled by the nervous system. Think of the brain as the master control center, the spinal cord as the main highway, and all the nerves that come off of it as the off ramp that take you to your organs. That means you are only as healthy as your nervous system is functioning. In fact many people have an underlying nervous system issue and don’t even know it. If communication from the nervous system to the end organs is interrupted, the body breaks down and then will begin to feel symptoms.


About 10 percent of your nervous system is called sensory. This is the part of the nerve that lets you know when you touch a hot stove, hear a sound, smell a scent, etc. The sensory nerves are what transmit pain. This entails roughly only 10% of your nervous system function which is focused on pain. The rest of the function is called motor, meaning controlled by the brain, and autonomic, meaning involuntary. Therefore, you can have up to 90% of your nervous system not functioning properly and have ZERO symptoms. Pain is one of the worst ways to judge your overall health. Finding a good chiropractor that analyzes your nervous system to see how well it is functioning is one of the best ways to get well and stay well.


A chiropractor is the only kind of doctor out there which can analyze the function of your nervous system and help restore its normal function completely drug-free and naturally. Finding a chiropractor who is up to date on the latest and greatest technology to analyze your nervous system properly may be one of the best decisions you can make for your health. When it comes to your spine and nervous system, there should be no guesswork and you will want your nervous system checked and evaluated at every visit just like your dentist checks your teeth for cavities and only repairs them when necessary. You only want a doctor who will do a thorough analysis of your spine and nervous system and one that will come up with a plan of action to get you well and keep you well. What we do at the office is analyze your nervous system each visit through digital infrared thermography to measure direct function of the autonomic nervous system. What this allows, is for us to have accurate information how how your nervous system is functioning from visit to visit. This allows us to see directly each patient’s progress without the guesswork.


Matthew K. Bartlett D.C.