Why You Should See an Upper Cervical Chiropractor Post Neck Surgery

The Specific Chiropractic Centers – Carmel, Indiana is an upper cervical chiropractic office that has helped patients post neck surgery who have not been able to find the help they’ve been searching for. This blog has been written by Dr. Matt Bartlett to share with you his successes with people who have undergone neck surgeries that struggled to find help even after having multiple surgeries and doing everything as they were instructed. He is going to explain 3 reasons why neck surgery doesn’t always correct the problem at hand with your neck. Then you will have a better idea of why you should see an upper cervical chiropractor post neck surgery.


1.)An underlying nervous system issue is being missed

The nervous system controls and coordinates all functions in the body from controlling your breathing, food digestion, sleep, the structures of your neck, and so on. Post neck surgery needs proper function of the nervous system to help allow the soft tissues, bony tissues, and connective tissues to heal better. So if you are still struggling with pain after having surgery, even years later, you may have an underlying nervous system issue that was missed.


2.)Alignment is not the cause of the problem

Oftentimes we see patients post neck surgery come in to the office and still end up having the same issues they had before the surgery. Sometimes they may be in even worse shape than they were before the surgery. When a fusion surgery is performed, they are aligning the bones, but lots of patients still struggle with the same issues that they had before. This is why having the right alignment may not necessarily be the solution to your problem, and why further investigation is needed to find the cause of your problem. After all it is your neck, which is unique.


3.)Improper biomechanics

As we touched up on why neck alignment may not be the cause of your issues to why post neck surgery was not as successful as you were looking for it to be. What also gets overlooked is the proper biomechanics of your neck, especially the top two bones in your neck. Our bones are made to move in certain ways at the individual joint level and globally together as a unit. What I have seen in post neck surgery patients is that the neck bones are not moving properly at the individual joint level and usually the worst along the upper neck at C1 and C2 (Atlas and Axis). Having normal motion biomechanically in this area is crucial for proper nervous system health and neck health.

If you have not had neck surgery and have been seeing different doctors seeking 2nd and third opinions, I want to encourage you to make what you believe to be the best decision you believe is for you. Sometimes surgery is absolutely needed, but this is not always the case. If you feel that you have tried everything to no avail, get in touch with us.

If you have had neck surgery or multiple neck surgeries and are still experiencing your problem without help, get in contact with us for a post neck surgery consult. We may be the answer that you have been desperately looking for to help get your life back.

We have a good track record of helping people post neck surgery get their life back and gain more function. Don’t allow the way you feel post neck surgery stop you from seeking to get your life back. Click here for a post neck surgery consultation and we will reach out to you and get you scheduled.